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Some information on ITER, Thermonuclear Fusion & Fusion Research

The ITER project

- What is ITER?

- Technologies associated with Fusion R&D

The Physics of Fusion

- Conditions to be satisfied to allow spontaneous fusion

- Practical realization of fusion

Inertial fusion
Magnetic fusion

- The Tokamak

- Plasma heating

Fusion as a sustainable energy source

- Why research on nuclear fusion is necessary

- What a power station relying on fusion will look like

- Inexhaustible, safe and respective for the environment

The Fusion Community

- The Association "EURATOM - Belgian State"

Laboratory for Plasma Physics - ERM/KMS (Brussels)
Department of Statistical Physics and Plasmas - ULB (Brussels)
Studiecentrum voor Kernenergie - Centre d'Etudes Nucléaires (Mol)

- The Trilateral Euregio Cluster

- The European Fusion Development Agreement & JET

What is EFDA?
The organization
Collaboration on JET

- International collaboration

Material to download


Fusion glossary

Contact addresses