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Collaboration on JET

The design team of JET started its activities in September 1973. By September 1975, a design proposal was ready. In 1979 the site work began, and in 1983 the machine was taken into operation. The machine soon reached the foreseen plasma currents of 3 million Amperes. Ion temperatures higher than 20keV (roughly 200 million degrees Celsius) and confinement times of longer than 1 second have been achieved. In 1997 a tritium experimental campaign showed that JET was capable of producing 16 million Watts of fusion power.

Since 2000, the overall implementation and co-ordination of JET has been carried out under EFDA. The ownership of the JET facilities was transferred into the custody of the EURATOM-UKAEA Association, which now operates the machine on behalf of EFDA. JET yearly attracts hundreds of scientists, mostly from European laboratories or institutions but also from the USA, Japan and the Russian Federation.

JET has gone much further than its original goals. The present scientific exploitation of JET is mainly devoted to the preparation of operating scenarios for ITER, with particular attention to the validation of the ITER reference scenario, and the control of the instabilities that lead to performance degradation. Also advanced regimes for ITER operation are being explored, and special attention is devoted to real time control techniques.

For more info, see www.jet.efda.org .