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What is EFDA?

The European Fusion Development Agreement (EFDA) was established in 1999 as a framework contract between EURATOM and its partners in the field of controlled fusion (the Associates).

This agreement is part of a long-term co-operation covering all the activities in the field of fusion research by magnetic confinement in the European Union and the Swiss Confederation. Most recently, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia and Romania have joined the program.

EFDA incorporates the following - related - activities:

- collective use of the JET facilities for the period beyond 1999

- European contributions to international collaborations such as ITER

- technology activities carried out by the Associations and the European industry

EFDA is intended to strengthen the co-ordination of work among the Associates. It will further develop the necessary scientific, technical and organizational basis in the Associations and in the European Industry for the possible construction of an experimental fusion power plant and will reinforce the European capability for international co-operation.

For more info, see www.efda.org .