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Organisation of EFDA

The EFDA Leader (presently M.-Q. Tran), the EFDA Associate Leader for Technology (R. Andreani) and the EFDA Associate Leader for JET (J. Pamela), in the performance of their activities, are assisted by staff members distributed in two CSU (Close Support Units), one located at the Max-Planck Institut für Plasmaphysik in Garching (Germany) and the other at the UKAEA laboratory in Culham (United Kingdom).

These two teams ensure that the collaborative work undertaken by the much larger number of scientists and engineers from the associated laboratories, be it experiments on JET, technology R&D or design tasks for ITER, is fully integrated into the overall European Fusion Program.

EFDA is managed by a Steering Committee, consisting of representatives from all the Associations, and responsible of the planning and supervision of the EFDA activities.

Above the steering committee, the Consultative Committee for the EURATOM Specific Research and Training Program in the Field of Nuclear Energy - Fusion (CCE-FU) is the control body for the whole European Fusion Program, providing the necessary guidelines.