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Department Statistical Physics and Plasmas - ULB (Brussels)

Turbulent energy spectrum. Click on the image to enlarge.

The fusion researchers of the Département de Physique Statistique, Plasmas et Optique Non-Linéaire of the Université Libre de Bruxelles specialize in making theoretical studies of fusion plasma physics. They focus on transport phenomena in fusion machines, with a particular interest in the study of plasma turbulence in connection to transport and heating. Detailed theoretical studies comprise e.g. the Hamiltonian description of magnetic field configurations and plasma kinetic theory. Numerical simulations allow to model e.g. MHD (magneto-hydrodynamical) turbulence. A dedicated computer cluster has been installed and is routinely used.

The SPP-ULB group also participates actively in the JET programme.

Head of Research Unit: D. Carati

For more info, see www.ulb.ac.be/sciences/spp .