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Assembled texts of this www site - June 2005 version [14.6MB - pdf]

Cleaner energy for the future [1.9MB - pdf]

Conceptual Study for Commercial Fusion Reactor [1.4MB - pdf]

Energy Dependence [1.2MB - pdf]

Energy powering your world [4.5MB - pdf]

Energy brochure "Cijfers omtrent energie" (in Dutch) [3.3MB - pdf]

Energy brochure "Energie: quelques chiffres" (in French) [2.9MB - pdf]

Fusion brochure: "Informatiebrochure over Fusie" (in Dutch; recto/verso printing for A5 format) [4.2MB - pdf]

Fusion brochure "Brochure d'information sur la Fusion" (in French; recto/verso printing for A5 format) [3.9MB - pdf]

Fusion energy, an option for the future [196kB - pdf]

Fusion Energy - An energy source of the future? [492kB - pdf]

Fusion paper "Wat is fusie ?" (in Dutch) [3.7MB - MS-word]

Green Paper EU [712kB - pdf]

ITER brochure [1.9MB - pdf]

What will we learn from ITER? [444kB - pdf]

ITER - The EU fusion technology program in support for ITER [216kB - pdf]

JET brochure [2MB - pdf]

Kurchatov's historic magnetic fusion paper: On the possibility of producing thermonuclear reactions in a gas discharge (Kurchatov, 1956) (in English and Russian) [9.7MB - pdf]

Materials: Advanced materials for fusion devices [176kB - pdf]

Safety & Environmental Impact of Fusion [412kB - pdf]

Socio- economic research on fusion [1MB - pdf]

Spin-offs from fusion research [560kB - pdf]

The Science of JET (Wesson) [11.2MB - pdf]

Documents concerning the signing of the agreement to locate ITER at Cadarache (France)

Joint declaration of the 6 ITER partners on June 28, 2005 [536kB - pdf]

Joint paper of Europe and Japan on the role of the host and the non-host of ITER; attachment to the Joint Declaration [112kB - pdf]

European Statement (Potoznik) [16kB - pdf]

Japan Statement (Nakayama) [16kB - pdf]

De Standaard on June 28, 2005 [324kB - pdf]

La Libre Belgique on June 28, 2005 [384kB - pdf]

New York Times on June 28, 2005 [84kB - pdf]

New York Times on June 29, 2005 [108kB - pdf]

Science on June 30, 2005 [228kB - pdf]

Selection of papers from the 2003 Carolus Magnus Summer School on Plasma and Fusion Energy Physics:

(for a full set, see the summer school's internet site http://www.carolusmagnus.net):

The European Fusion Program [140kB - pdf]

Energy for future centuries [380kB - pdf]

Thermonuclear burn criteria [6.1MB - pdf]

Fusion machines [304kB - pdf]

Guiding center motion [240kB - pdf]

Tokamak results [348kB - pdf]

Plasma heating using waves [1.4MB - pdf]

Coupling wave power into plasmas [448kB - pdf]


Fusion info talk [37MB - pdf]

Fusion info talk in Dutch [7.4MB - ppt]

ITER in 5 minutes [3.6MB - swf]

JET preparing for ITER [3.8MB - ppt]

25 years of JET [3.5MB - ppt]


The fusion principle [2.9MB - QuickTime]

Short movie on JET [12.3MB - QuickTime]

The Starmakers : A virtual reality look on what ITER will like like

- Conditions of usage of "The Starmakers"

- Compressed DVD movie. Decompress before viewing. Watch out: 410MB!"

Pictures & drawings

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