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Pictures & drawings

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The ITER antenna [240kB - jpg]

TEXTOR's Dynamic Ergodic Divertor [448kB - jpg]

E=mc**2 and the D-T fusion reaction [20kB - jpg]

ITER in Cadarache [computer-aided impression] [2MB - jpg]

JET's A2 antenna [344kB - jpg]

View inside JET [152kB - jpg]

Power station based on the tokamak [376kB - jpg]

View inside TEXTOR [124kB - jpg]

A pair of TEXTOR's RF antanne [584kB - jpg]

TEXTOR's RF transmission lines [460kB - jpg]

TEXTOR's automatic tuning system [328kB - jpg]

The tokamak principle; poloidal and toroidal magnetic field [640kB - jpg]

Evolution of the CO2 concentration in the air [284kB - jpg]

The D-T fusion reaction [152kB - jpg]

Heating a tokamak plasma [404kB - jpg]

Principle of inertial fusion [372kB - jpg]

Principle of magnetic confinement [448kB - jpg]

Progress in fusion machine performance [144kB - jpg]

Radiotoxicity of power stations [736kB - jpg]

Atmospheric temperature evolution [28kB - jpg]

The sun [456kB - jpg]

Nature [136kB - jpg]

Background picture of www site [196kB - jpg]